Chambers Of Flavour

Only The Brave Will Dine

Gingerline Presents Chambers - A Multi-Dimensional Dining Adventure
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The Team

The Gingerline Team are: 

Kerry Adamson, Lucinda Barber, Davy Berryman, Suz Mountfort, Lauren Partridge, Megan Spencer, Debora Viera, Paddy Fysh. 

Special thanks to:

Jenny McNeill, Chris Hilton, Rich Knight, Emma Creese.

The Chambers Team are: 

Erin Wallace, Marcela Kavuliakova

The Chambers Performance team are: 

Patrick Fysh, Nikola Mcgregor, Christopher Blackmore, Jack Darell, Sophie Huggins, Joel Walker, Laura Crowhurst, Jared Gerschwitz, Amanda Harkett, Gareth Balai,  Julia Quayle, Annie Evies, Alex Freeborn. 

The Flavourology Team are: 

Valentina Buculei, Miguel da Costa, Christopher Dawkins, Ionut Visan.