Chambers Of Flavour

Only The Brave Will Dine

Gingerline Presents Chambers - A Multi-Dimensional Dining Adventure
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In 1882 imminent flavourologist Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, developed technology that would enable brave souls to journey to the dinner tables of the multi-verse. A fanatical philanthropist and ever-eager appetitist Sir Lionel possessed an unwavering expectation of home-like hospitality wherever he ventured. His Machine features a sequential shield separator and famous ‘destination dinnertime’ design. 

Following Lionel’s disappearance at the turn of the 20th century, his Machine lay undiscovered until a crack team of Gingerliners, while scouting locations for dining revolutions, stumbled upon its existence in 2016. Lionel's steam-powered prototype was restored to it’s former glory.

For 3 notorious years adrenaline hungry adventurers embarked on clandestine (and highly dangerous) dining tours through the portals into infinite fantastical dining dimensions. Sadly, following a slew of guest disappearances and the death and digestion of beloved janitor, Steve, adventures into Stirling-Grey's machine were halted. The machine was dismantled; deemed too dangerous for modern day health and safety standards. Footage of the adventures from 2016-2018 has been recovered and shows the heady nature of the early years.  

But curiosity must be satisfied. Now, in 2019 Stirling-Grey's controversial travelling technology has been miniaturised and digitised. Using a naturally occurring trans-dimensional portal and recalibrating its sequential shield separator to minimise safety risks and maximise taste, the research continues. But be warned, the multi-verse contains many dark recesses. Whatsmore, the ability to experience it's sights, sounds and savours is a power many malign forces wish to harness.  

Somewhere in Hoxton, under the close guardianship of a group of multi-dimensional culinary cartographers from The Institute of Flavourology, the quest to map the multi-verse bravely continues. 

Only the Brave will Dine.