Chambers Of Flavour Only The Brave Will Dine



Chambers of Flavour V3 is now closed

After 15 months of SOLD OUT shenanigans, Chambers of Flavour V3 has closed its doors for the final time. Guests who ventured through this epic, multi-dimensional dining adventure were tasked with finding the machine’s inventor Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, who according to his distress signal, had got himself in a bit of a pickle.

Relive this adventure here

What’s next for the mighty machine we hear you ask?

Well, we have heard that those clever engineers might be in the process of redesigning this epic dining experience as we speak. As soon as we hear more we’ll be sure to let you know. To help us do this, make sure you are signed up to our mailing list.

If you’re unsure what exactly the Chambers of Flavour is, you can take a peek at our past adventures here

Tally ho! x