Chambers Of Flavour

Only The Brave Will Dine

Gingerline Presents Chambers - A Multi-Dimensional Dining Adventure
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How It Works

Multi‑dimensional dining is the process of traversing through different rooms, or parallel realities, enjoying a course of food in each. It is designed for the brave & the hungry, not for the meek or cautious of palate. 

By 4pm on the day of your advenutre (or the day before for matinee guests) you will receive specific directions to our hidden HQ in Hoxton. This is perhaps the most normal part of your evening.

All our experiences rely on an element of surprise, it’s better that way. With that in mind we will respectfully ask that you keep the secrets of Chambers_ safe so that others can experience it as you have. 

You trust us, we trust you. 

If you have not inter-dimensionally travelled before, you may want to take a peek at the past adventures through the multi-verse here to whet your appetite.