Chambers Of Flavour Only The Brave Will Dine


What Is It?

From the pioneers of underground immersive dining, Gingerline, comes the third and undoubtedly most ambitious instalment of the flagship multi-dimensional dining project, The Chambers of Flavour.

A riotous fusion of absurdist adventure, interactive theatre, multimedia art installation and avant-garde culinary experimentation, the third instalment follows two solidly sold out years and a cult following from London’s alternative dining thrill seekers.

Chambers V3 promises to take the bold and brave on a tour through unimaginable dining worlds on a whole new foodie focussed quest. But that’s about all you’ll know. You must trust us because details of exactly where you’ll go and what you’ll eat won’t be revealed until the mission is underway. Dietary preferences will be collected on booking and precise direction will be texted on the day of the event.

For those who have never experienced multi-dimensional dining, come with an open mind, an empty belly and a bold spirit. For those who have already ventured through the machine, be prepared for a flavour balanced pitch perfect crescendo to the Chambers’ story so far. Good luck.

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What Exactly Is Inter-Dimensional Dining?

Is Chambers of Flavour suitable for children?

Why all the secrecy?

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

Why the dress code?

How will CoFV3 be different from V1 & V2?

What about my dietary requirements?

And mobility requirements?

Help! I haven't received the location text.

What time should I arrive?

What time does it finish? How long is the experience?

Where is it?

Is there any flashing or strobing light?

What Exactly Is Inter-Dimensional Dining?

Moving through our magical dining machine from parallel reality to parallel reality, each containing a course of food.

First designed in 1882 by eminent flavourologist and crack-pot inventor, Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, ‘The Machine’ enabled safe passage for all intrepid explorers through the portals of the peculiar. A fanatical philanthropist and ever-eager appetitist, Sir Lionel possessed an unwavering expectation of home-like hospitality wherever he ventured.

Check out the video of The Chambers of Flavour version 2.0 here

Is Chambers of Flavour suitable for children?

From 29th September 2018 Chambers of Flavour will open its doors to family groups, each Saturday afternoon. Please check our bookings page for tickets. 

This is suitable for ages 7+ and we require children to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Maximum of two children for each adult. 

The evening events are strictly for 18+ only. 

Why all the secrecy?

Inter-dimensional exploration is not something to be taken lightly, fellow travellers. Oh no. It’s a science that unravels the expectations of the singular, a phenomenon of fantastical proportions. Many a factious foe wishes ill upon our machine, to find it and to destroy it! But there are many, like us, who have sworn an oath to protect it.

All those who venture inside are invited to join our ranks and required to uphold our code of secrecy and to become a fully-fledged member of our elusive Chambers Alumni. 

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

Each group, or time slot, has a maximum number of 16 tickets. You are welcome to buy tickets from different time slots, however you will then be dining in separate groups at separate times. Tickets cannot be transferred to different time slots or different dates after purchase.

Why the dress code?

While you travel through dimensions, the team of egg-head engineers operating the machine need to track your trajectory from one world to the next. If colours mix, confusion ensues, causing fragmentation of friends and divides amongst dining dimensions. Disaster! To combat this, we require your careful choice of attire.

While entry will not be refused to guests who choose not to dress up, we heartily encourage it and have been known to spontaneously offer rewards to those whose dress takes our fancy...

How will CoFV3 be different from V1 & V2 ?

V3 requires our bravest gastronomes to embark on an epic dining quest. The worlds visited on the journey will be completely different. It'll be longer and more spectacular than previous versions and a flavour balanced pitch perfect crescendo on the Chamber's story so far...

What about my dietary requirements?

You will be able to enter dietary requirements during the booking process. If you need to update these you can do so by logging in to your Eventbrite account. 

The menu on Saturday afternoons will be slightly updated for younger taste-buds. 

Provided you let us know at least 48-hours in advance we can usually cater for all dietary requirements, but requests on the night are a strict no-no.

For those with serious food allergies, please see our Terms and Conditions and be aware that while we do our best, we cannot guarantee any menu is 100% free of allergens.

And what about mobility requirements?

The Chamber of Flavour does require moving through small spaces, climbing and a teensy bit of crawling. Therefore an alternative path through the experience will be provided for those with mobility requirements or wheelchairs. Please also note that due to the nature of the building, unfortunately wheelchairs users and guests who are unable to use staircases will have an alternative interaction at certain points of the experience.

If you do have any mobility issues you must email us immediately once booked so that we can make any necessary preparations.

Please also feel free to contact us in advance to discuss your requirements. You can do so at

Help! I haven't received the location text?

Evening Events: You should receive the location text by 4pm, but very occasionally the gremlins in the ether stop it getting to you. Should this happen, just give us a call on the emergency number stated on your ticket and in your email confirmations: 020 7613 2332

Saturday Afternoon Events: You should receive the location text by 5pm, the day before your arrival. If you don't receive this  just give us a call on the emergency number stated on your ticket and in your email confirmations: 020 7613 2332

Please note this number is for on-the-night emergency contact only and will only be manned from 4pm, Tues-Friday, 11am, Saturyda. For any other enquiries please contact

What time should I arrive?

The Chambers bar area will be open from 5pm in the evenings and from 12pm for Saturday family groups, however you should arrive no later than the arrival time stated on your ticket. The complexity of the event means, late comers will not be granted entry, so make sure you arrive on or before the arrival time stated on your ticket.

What time does it finish/how long is the experience?

Our bar area closes at 11pm Tuesda - Saturday, and 4pm on Saturday afternoons for the family events. However you will finish the dining experience 2hrs 20mins after your booked arrival time.

Where is it?

The Chambers of Flavour are hidden at a secret location somewhere in Hoxton. For those of you who are Alumni, you will know where we are already.

Is there any flashing or strobing light?

Yes, please notify us in advance if any member of your group has photo-sensitive epilepsy. You can do so by contacting