Chambers Of Flavour Only The Brave Will Dine


The Chambers Alumni

The Chambers AlumniThe Chambers AlumniThe Chambers Alumni

Inter-dimensional exploration of the infinite is not something to be taken lightly, fellow travellers.

All those who venture inside The Chambers of Flavour have sworn to join our ranks, to uphold our secrets and have become fully-fledged members of our elusive Chambers Alumni.

As one of the chosen guardians of The Machine, you'll be invited to re-visit our mysterious bar, revel in the delights of some new flavourological cocktail and cuisine concoctions (and chuckle knowingly as new initiates prepare for their journey).

And this is just the beginning. The Chamber Alumni members will soon have access to all sorts of other awe-inspiring exclusivities such as intimate gigs and similar secret soirees.

Joining the The Chambers Alumni

Every ticket to The Chambers of Flavour grants the bearer exclusive access to our new Alumni-only secret members bar, tucked away in a dark corner of East London.

All you need to do is use the printed code on the back of the menu from your Chambers experience. Already have one? Then enter it in the space above and log-in for your exclusive access to the Alumni reservations desk.

Please Note: As a member you can sign in friends however all Chambers Alumni are also responsible for their guests keeping the secret too. The Chambers reserve the right to refuse access or revoke Alumni membership.