Chambers Of Flavour Only The Brave Will Dine


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The gateway to Chambers V2 has closed for the final time after nigh on 12 months of sold out escapades.  And now we can reveal what thousands of intrepid secret keepers encountered during their journey through the multi-dimensional dining machine. As the search for Sir Lionel Stirling Grey continued, our dining aficionados ventured even deeper into the realms of inter-dimensional travel…

Cartwheeling and cavorting through world after world of delicious surrealism, the lucky diners unleashed their competitive side on the ‘Matter of Taste’ gameshow, dove under-the-sea into a giant bubble, and then found themselves transported to the ‘Lost Room’. As they escaped the Flux frenzie at an upside down, topsy turvey dinner party, our brave adventurers became the audience of a puppet show in a giant toy box room before being rescued and taken back to the realms of ‘normality’.

What's next for the machine we here you ask? Well, we'll be revealing more very soon dear Gingerliners. Be vigilant and prepare yourself, you’re not going to want to miss it! 

In the meantime, relive the awesome V2 Journey! 

Tally ho!